Samira ETAHIRI-Morocco

چهارشنبه 1395/07/07

Samira ETAHIRI Professor in the Faculty of Science of the University Chouaib Doukkali -El Jadida, Morocco.

Birth date: on April 24, 1962

Address: Faculty of Science BP: 20 - El Jadida -Morocco

Telephone: 00.212 05 23 34 30 03/00.212 05 23 34 23 25

Fax: 00.212 23 34 21 87 GSM: 00.212 06 61 08 55 46

Email address:

Professor Samira ETAHIRI, born in 1962 (Morocco), obtained a PhD in biological engineering from the University Raymond Point in Nancy (France), in 1988. In 2002, she obtained from the University Chouaib Doukkali El Jadida the “Doctorat d’Etat” in marine natural substances.

Mrs. Samira ETAHIRI is Responsible for laboratory of Marine Biochemistry and Biotechnology, she is a member of the Unit of Doctorate training and research in Applied Microbiology and natural resources valorization, of the  National network of Marines Sciences and Technologies (REMER) and member of the Marine Science Group of El Jadida.

The research undertaken by Professor Samira Etahiri was financed within the framework of several European projects (MEDAWARE of MEDA-WATER/Europe Aid program; Europeans LIFE third countries projects MOROCOMP and WasteSUM; International Foundation for Science (IFS), the National Program LagMar “Functioning knowledge and sustainable use of the Moroccan lagoons” and several bilateral cooperative projects.

Professor Etahiri published many articles in international scientific newspapers, several communications in a national and International scientific seminar, patents and several scientific reports.

In 2005, she won the award of the International Foundation for Science and the award of the International Organization of Chemical weapons OIAC. Mrs. Samira ETAHIRI is reviewer of many national and International projects and in Expertise on the International level in the Marine Natural Product field.

Within the department of biology of the Faculty of Science of El Jadida, Mrs. Samira ETAHIRI is a member of the of the department council; she is also responsible for the professional license of wastewater and solid waste management and treatment.